Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hey yo!

I haven't been updating this blog since eons ago but anyway~

Starting a new course this month, my favourite subject - LIGHTING! Learning the basics all over again, hope I can become better at it once I get the hang of it again. Week 1 started out with a really interesting assignment.

You can't change the position or texture of the objects in the scene but you can frame it and light it however you want. Sounds just about right, it seems close enough to a real production workflow.

The above image is just a snippet of mine. Gotta brighten it here and there, adjust the shadows and darker areas. Colors too! *pulls hair while waiting for renders for the 10000000000th time*

Fun awaits. :D

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CGMA The Art of Color & Light Wk 4

The most fun assignment by far. 

By avoiding color picking, we tried to match the colors from our references. It is hard, definitely, but absolutely fun!

Got a little too carried away with the details which made the whole render too messy. Need to break down into even simpler shapes. More studies to be done.

CGMA The Art of Color & Light Wk 3

Got a little problem with Hard Candy and Gummy. Apparently, I was told that the material of Hard Candy is actually more relevant as Gummy's texture. Still got loads to learn.

CGMA The Art of Color & Light Wk 2

CGMA The Art of Color & Light Week 1